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iPhone & iPad magic tricks.


Turn your iPhone into an X-Ray machine and use it to watch a punched hole travel the length of a chosen card.

The spectator selects a card from a regular deck.

Using a permanent marker you
draw a small cross at one end of the chosen card.

At the opposite end,
you punch a hole - the card can be shown freely.

You now introduce your iPhone running an X-Ray app. Placing the card under your iPhone, you turn the X-Ray to full power.

The chosen card, with the hole and cross at opposite ends, is clearly visible.

Now the impossible happens - with a gentle shake, the hole starts to move.
It keeps moving until it reaches the cross.

The card, now with a relocated hole, can be fully examined.


  • The chosen card can be fully examined after the presentation.
  • There are no flaps or extra pieces.
  • The effect resets in seconds.


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