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Est. 2008
Designed in Kensington, London




The best way to experience MAGIC KIT Pro.

You get unlimited access to the app via a ‘Pro Club Unlimited Membership’ plus all the amazing high-quality gimmicks.

23 x Digital Magic Tricks
4 x Powerful Utilities
6 x Custom Gimmicks

The ‘GIMMICK PACK Pro’ includes:

Impaled Card
Printed on high-quality premium card stock, the ‘Impaled Card’ looks like a genuine piece of magic history.

The front of the card features the very special design which enables the Impaled Augmented Reality trick to work. The unique back design completes the intriguing look.

Always carry it in your regular deck of cards and perform reputation making magic any time, anywhere.

Powdered Ink Envelope
This set includes the custom ‘Powdered Ink’ envelope, a gold-coloured paperclip, and a Bicycle brand blank-faced card. Everything you need to perform ‘The Fade’.

Escapologist Photo
A perfectly sized pocket photo for use with Photo Escape. The card is just the right thickness to feel substantial while also fitting into the gimmick perfectly. It looks great due to the high-quality digital printing on both its front and back.

Rabbit Cards
The Rabbit Cards are printed on specially sourced card. They are designed to be just the right thickness to handle really well, but also let enough light through to allow the trick to work.
A set of four cards is included.

Luminatus Sticker
Add this very special sticker to the face of any card and you will be able to perform the incredible Luminatus magic trick. A high-quality print on a strong matte sticker.

Miniature Book (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
Sized perfectly for use with Bookshelf. This wonderful curio consists of a front cover, rear cover, and one page of printed text on the inside.


This product is designed to work with an iOS app. Please ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements before purchasing.

MAGIC KIT Pro app requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 12.4 or later. Certain features require: iPhone 6s or later / iPad 9.7 (2018) or later / iPad Pro. If in doubt try the app for free before purchasing this product.

Made with by Matt Leatherbarrow

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