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iPhone & iPad magic tricks.


A chosen playing card becomes your digital canvas for a magical drawing.

Inkling is the perfect fusion of digital and the real.

A card is freely chosen by a spectator and lost into the deck.

You then open a drawing app and show your prediction -
it is incorrect.

Since the prediction was wrong you try something even more difficult.

Tapping your iPhone against the deck
a single card appears in the drawing app. You draw a little picture.

Tapping your iPhone against the deck a second time causes the card to slide back into the deck - now with a doodle on its back.

You now slowly fan through the deck and impossibly
one card has a doodle on its back. Turning the card over the spectator sees their previously chosen card.

To complete this impossible demonstration you tap the card with the doodle onto your iPhone -
the doodle jumps off the spectator's card and back onto the iPhone screen.


  • Any card can be chosen, it can even be a borrowed deck.
  • The gimmick is super easy to make with items you can get from any magic dealer.
  • The picture doesn’t have to be a cross, it can be anything.


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