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A legitimate modern miracle.

Cipher 52 will not only predict the value of a freely chosen card. It will also reveal its position in a mixed deck.

A deck of playing cards is cut several times by a spectator.

You then dribble the cards asking the spectator to call stop. This is
a genuinely free choice and they can even change their mind.

The chosen card is remembered and the spectator is invited to cut the deck several times.

You then draw attention to a mysterious cipher on your iPhone. You demonstrate it can be set to display a single card and it's position in the deck. You reset the cipher with a tap.

What happens next is miraculous. With nothing more than a gentle shake the cipher springs to life, the dials spin, and a card value is revealed - the spectators chosen card.

Another shake and a number is revealed, for example, 26.

The spectator counts though the deck to the 26th card - it is their chosen card.


  • This effect uses a clever principle which allows the deck to be mixed freely by a spectator.
  • There are two different modes to fit your skill level.


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