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iPhone & iPad magic tricks.


It looks like real magic.

Visually shrink a picture of a rabbit.

Four identical cards are shown, each has a rabbit silhouette printed in its centre. As you show each card you ask your audience to do one thing - spot the difference.

When they are unable to see any difference between the cards you explain that more light might be needed.

Introducing your iPhone, you place one of the rabbit cards face-down over the screen. The light shines through revealing the rabbit silhouette.

You once again ask if the spectator can see any difference. They still can't.

With a gentle shake, the rabbit begins to visibly shrink. Once complete the card is turned over and the physical card has changed. You hand it to the spectator to be examined.


  • All cards can be fully examined.
  • Rabbit cards are available exclusively in the free Prop Pack.


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