An overview of the type of effects possible with MAGIC KIT Pro.

Thought Receiver

Imagine if you could read someone's mind with only the touch of their fingertip.

Refined Choice

What happens when you ALMOST find a spectators chosen card?

Refined Choice is a stunningly visual card transformation.

Cipher 52

Cipher 52 will not only predict the value of a freely chosen card.

It will also reveal its position in a mixed deck.


A chosen playing card becomes your digital canvas for a magical drawing.


Turn your iPhone into an X-Ray machine and use it to watch a punched hole travel the length of a chosen card.


A super clean torn and restored effect.

Your iPhone slices the corner off a chosen card.

card prediction

A one in fifty-two chance.

Beat the odds with this startling production of a folded card.


A miracle with clear direction.

Locate any small object placed around your iPhone.

Optical illusion

It looks like real magic.

Visually shrink a picture of a rabbit.

Mystic Hand

An instant classic.

The mysterious mechanical hand locates a chosen card.


A collection of the literary greats.

Iconic, classic, and nostalgic; a powerful production effect.


Produce an unlit matchstick whenever you wish.


The secret weapon for mentalism.

Notepad appears to be a normal note taking app - it really isn’t.

Bottle Cap

A refreshing magic trick.

Bottle Cap combines the iconic visual of a Coke bottle with an impossible production illusion.

Crystal Ball

An intriguing effect with a carnival aesthetic.

Crystal Ball sees the truth and answers with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

Photo Escape

A pocket-sized escapology effect.

With Photo Escape a vintage photograph disappears from a digital photo frame - amazingly appearing between two playing cards.

Pencil Stab

A high impact card revelation.

Card Stab brings a classic stage illusion to your close-up performance.

Super Strength

Display your strength.

Super Strength brings the ‘light-heavy box’ illusion to your pocket.

Mystery Symbols

A self-contained mind-reading illusion.

Mystery Symbols is a test conditions example of extra sensory perception.