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iPhone & iPad magic tricks.

Refined Choice Banner Refined Choice Icon
Refined Choice

A stunningly visual card transformation.

Cipher 52 Banner Cipher 52 Icon
Cipher 52

Predict the value of a freely chosen card and its position in a mixed deck.

Though Receiver Banner Thought Receiver Icon

A novel mind reading device which is as powerful as it is intriguing.

Inkling Banner Inkling Icon

A chosen playing card becomes your digital canvas for a magical drawing.

X-Card Banner X-Card Icon

Watch a punched hole travel the length of a chosen card.

Torn & Restored Banner Torn & Restored Icon
Torn & Restored

A super clean torn and restored effect.

Card Predicition Banner Card Predicition Icon
Card Prediction

Beat the odds with this startling production of a folded card.

Compass Banner Compass Icon

Locate any small object placed around your iPhone.

Optical Illusion Banner Optical Illusiion Icon
Optical Illlusion

Visually shrink a picture of a rabbit.

Mystic Hand Banner Mystic Hand Icon
Mystic Hand

The mysterious hand locates a chosen card.

Bookshelf Banner Bookshelf Icon

A powerful production effect.

Matchstick Banner Matchstick Icon

Produce an unlit matchstick whenever you wish.

Notepad Banner Notepad Icon

The secret weapon for mentalism.

Bottle Cap Banner Bottle Cap Icon
Bottle Cap

An impossible production illusion.

Crystal Ball Banner Crystal Ball Icon
Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball sees the truth and answers with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

Photo Escape Baner Photo Escape Icon
Photo Escape

A pocket-sized escapology effect.

Pencil Stab Banner Pencil Stab Icon
Pencil Stab

The high impact card revelation.

Super Strength Banner Super Strength Icon
Super Strength

The ‘light-heavy box’ illusion in your pocket.

Mystery Symbols Banner Mystery Symbols Icon
Mystery Symbols

Test conditions example of extra sensory perception.